Restaurant and City Guide Editor

Unprecedented in scope and depth, The Daily Meal produces more culinary content than any other resource. Our passionate team canvasses the world to bring you the best food and drink experiences at all levels, around the table, at home or on the road. Harvesting the delicious and discarding the mundane, we are your friend on the inside, discovering and reporting with a sense of fun and curiosity. The Daily Meal delivers a fresh take on dining news and trends and helps you succeed in the kitchen while highlighting the unifying aspects of food and drink and celebrating the people who create them.

This is a position of considerable responsibility in an organization that is not only revolutionizing the world of food and drink but leading the charge into digital journalism as well.  Digital storytelling is still in its infancy and Spanfeller Media is at the forefront of exploring and defining what professionally produced content can mean in the digital world.

The job of Restaurant and City Guide Editor for The Daily Meal requires a savvy and dedicated individual with knowledge of the restaurant industry, experience working with freelance writers, and the ability to think strategically in expanding and curating the site’s City Guide program. In this position, you will be exposed to the inner workings of the restaurant industry, and will have the chance to engage with celebrity chefs and the most of-the-moment restaurants. You must be dedicated to working in a fast-paced environment as a strong, forward-driving editorial force as we are always working to expand our reach of coverage around the world.

Working under the direct supervision of the Eat/Dine Channel editor and under the supervision of the Editorial Director, eight-time James Beard Award Winner Colman Andrews, duties would include:

• Editing and publishing a minimum of five stories per day on the CMS
• Managing 27 city guides, with more to come
• Recruiting new contributors and city editors
• Launching new national and international city guides
• Publishing long-form, research-based tentpole stories
• Writing briefs pertaining to events in the restaurant industry
• Coordinating timely content for the Eat/Dine channel with the Eat/Dine Editor
• Implementing SEO practices to increase traffic and audience engagement

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to