About Us

SMG is a fast growth media company conceived of and for the digital age.  Media by definition is about content.  This is true online or off.  But end users expect more of their content experience online and that is what SMG sets out to deliver in each of its industry leading sites.

In many ways the company is looking to revolutionize how premium content is created, shared and monetized.

The Daily Meal was the first site launched by SMG in the early months of 2011.  Since then it has proven to be one of the fastest growing content sites ever and THE fastest growing site within the food space.  The Active Times was launched in late June of 2012 and is also experiencing unprecedented growth.

In each case our editors strive to provide our readers with the best content available in the respective fields of each site and to do so at a scale well beyond anyone else in the category.  By delivering insightful journalism, great professional-grade video and in depth data we hope to delight and fulfill all our visitors’ expectations and informational needs.

In the coming months SMG plans to launch many more world-class entities in other high interest mass vertical content arenas.

RRE Ventures
Tribeca Venture Partners (TVP)
Softbank Capital
Lerer Ventures
Vantage Point Capital Partners
iNovia Captial

Spanfeller Media Group Values

  • We are action oriented.  When faced with an option of action vs. in-action, we always choose to DO SOMETHING.
  • We believe in our people.  We respect our teammates.  We know that if they “do something” they will, much more often then not, DO THE RIGHT THING.
  • We believe in the value of Great Writing as well as Well Crafted, Thoughtful and Trustworthy Journalism
  • We are ambitious.  Both as a company and as individuals.  We want our people to always be looking to take the next step up in everything they and we do.  To BE GOAL ORIENTED.
  • We respect and value our customers.  Without our users we would have no marketing partners, without our marketing partners we could not serve our users.  To protect both of these very important groups we do business WITH THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF INTEGRITY.  In how we deliver content and in how we conduct our day-to-day business activities.
  • We want our work environment to be one where people can BE PASSIONATE AND HAVE FUN.

The Daily Meal Mission Statement

Unprecedented in scope and depth, The Daily Meal produces more culinary content than any other resource. Our passionate team canvasses the world to bring you the best food and drink experiences at all levels, around the table, at home or on the road. Harvesting the delicious and discarding the mundane, we are your friend on the inside, discovering and reporting with a sense of fun and curiosity. The Daily Meal delivers a fresh take on dining news and trends and helps you succeed in the kitchen while highlighting the unifying aspects of food and drink and celebrating the people who create them.

The Active Times Mission Statement

The Active Times aims to be the world’s best source of authoritative, inspiring, enlightening content for living the active, adventurous life. Whatever your passions in active sports, travel, and adventure, The Active Times provides the tools and information you need to do your best — and enjoy the ride. We tell the stories, recruit the experts, and assemble the information you need to get motivated and do it right. We’re passionate about great gear, expert technique, interesting people, and amazing venues close to home and around the world. We bring them all together—and connect the community—in a smart, visual, accessible way.